French Quarter Cottage is the inspiration of 4 good friends coming together to provide an alternative lodging experience for Moab visitors.

Their vision was to design the type of accommodations in Moab that respectful travelers look for when they travel to other beautiful locations:

Unique style, comfort and a touch of imagination; something that each traveler values, when traveling.

At the time, those 3 aspects were hard to find in Moab and, committed to their ideals,  the  4 friends brought their energy and talent together to finally realize their dream with

'3 Dogs & A Moose Cottages'.

That was in 2006.

Now, 10 years later, they passed their baby on to us. `Us’ is a girl originally from Hamburg, Germany and a few helpful friends from this side of the pond.

We promised to not only take good care of it, but also to guide it into the next phase of its existence, with tremendous love & respect for the original dream.

Moab is such a unique and special place, and we will work hard to make sure that the experience will not stop with your accommodation!

Looking forward to seeing you in Moab.


Helené & friends